Homeware Heaven: 5 Things That Will Make You Want to Unleash Your Inner Interior Designer

Homeware Heaven: 5 Things That Will Make You Want to Unleash Your Inner Interior Designer

I’ve been getting really into homewares recently. Maybe it’s because I’m super excited to be moving into a house of my own soon as opposed to student halls, but I feel the need to decorate everything in sight. Recently, my boyfriend’s house has been subject to my endless interior design desires, and I’ve been slowly introducing new pieces into his bedroom (including two little guinea pigs called Max and Minnie, but of course they’re not decorative) that he seems to be liking too. So let’s address a couple of bits and bobs that I’m loving (and yearning after) lately.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 16.42.57.png

I have been super into scents of late – candles, diffusers, and incense have stolen my heart. I picked up a miniature version of this candle and the matching diffuser from Next, and the scent is to die for. It’s so fresh and pretty subtle, but it really lifts up the room. Plus, candles are so cute and cosy, it’s hard to resist picking up one or two – the mini candle was only £3, and it burned for a good few hours, so I think I’ll end up picking up a few more in the future.


Plants are another big one for me, and they score any room some homely bonus points. I’ve flooded my boyfriend’s room with a bonsai and succulents (which may or may not be fake, but that’s okay), and I don’t intend to stop any time soon. I’m lusting after this gorgeous trailing succulent (also from Next) which I think would make the perfect addition to the end of any book shelf or a bright kitchen windowsill.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 16.36.38.png

I can’t help falling in love with every yellow cushion I see lately, but I can’t bring myself to splash the cash. This one from Zazzle would add the perfect pop of colour to a charcoal grey sofa or navy bed, and the price isn’t too steep either. I’ll have ten please.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 16.38.36.png

I know that my teenage years are well and truly behind me when I start to get excited about dinnerware. But can you really blame me with all of the gorgeous plates and mugs that are calling my name? The Anthropologie home section is the source of all my happiness, and these bowls are the stuff of dreams. Plain tableware is dead, and patterns are dominating the dinner table.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 16.40.31

I feel like every blogger and their mum has this chair from Ikea, but honestly, I don’t blame any of them. The perfect addition to any living room, bedroom, office… just imagine propping one of those fun yellow cushions on it, or maybe draping a lovely knitted blanket over the back of it, and making it a cosy little reading corner! This chair is going to the top of my wish list when I have the money (and space) for one of these bad boys.

What homewares are you lusting after lately? Are there any websites I should be browsing? Let me know!


8 Things to Decorate Your Uni Room With

8 Things to Decorate Your Uni Room With

Ah, student accommodation. Always cramped, usually damp, and the place where we spend some of the best days of our lives. Although these digs are temporary, it’s nice to make them feel like home. I’ve picked out a few of my favourite things to get your inner interior designer on and help you to settle in.


Good bedding is worth investing in. Avoid scratchy fabrics that are uncomfortable to sleep in, and go for something soft that will last the weekly wash. When you’re living in a small, dreary student room, it’s a good idea to go for colours to really liven things up. The set I’ve picked out is from Debenhams, but Primark actually do some really great sets that won’t be such a sharp stab at your purse.


Get a plant. They really help to brighten up a small space. If you can’t be trusted with regular watering, opt for a cactus (or three) like this little set from IKEA. Super cute, affordable, and the pots come in loads of colours so you can match them to your room!



Bunting is a great way to liven up any room, and looks super cute draped over a bed (especially paired with some fairy lights!). These pom pom ones are lovely and colourful, and I’d definitely pair them with that Debenhams bedding. Depop is a great place to look for a few homely bits, so don’t miss out on catching a great deal on art prints and decor while you’re browsing for clothes.



Posters are a classic. You don’t have to revisit your days of cutting posters of Paramore or One Direction out of magazines and plastering them over every free space on your wall, but you can find some pretty cool ones to whack on your pin board. I try to make myself a little corner of things I love to make my room feel like home, and I tend to gravitate towards vivid colours to really brighten up a bare room, so this Grand Budapest Hotel poster is a winner for me.



A lamp might not be your first port of call when you’re scanning the home section for decorations, but sometimes you don’t actually get one in the room, and it’s nice to have a little bedside lamp or something on your desk so that you don’t have to have the mains lights on all the time. This one from Dunelm is a complete steal, and I’m in love with the colour.



Sometimes in a small room, you can be short on space and storage. Getting together a couple of storage boxes to keep in the bottom of your wardrobe or under your bed or desk can be really handy. Chuck in your toiletries or even your socks to free up drawer space. This understated box from IKEA is the perfect size for tucking into inconspicuous places.



We can’t forget a laundry hamper! Sometimes these things can be difficult to hide in such small spaces, so it’s nice to pick one with a cool pattern or with a bit of colour. Pop-up ones are the best for transporting rather than hauling a big basket in the car, so I’m really feeling the Plumsa laundry bag (from IKEA once again – they really do have everything).



Pictures of your friends and family are the final touch to any home setting. Finding cute frames is pretty easy, or go ahead and stick them straight onto your walls (landlord permitting). I really like these kinds of frames where you can just peg the pictures straight on and make your own collage of pictures. This one is a gorgeous copper colour, so I was desperate to snatch it up as soon as I saw it.

Have I missed something off? Let me know what you’ll be taking to uni with you, and how you like to decorate!