6 Reasons to Move to Brighton

For those of you who don’t know, I moved to Brighton this summer. It’s an amazing place to be, and here as just some of the reasons why I love living here.

1. The beach

This is an obvious one, but the beach really is a great perk of living in Brighton. Yes, it’s a pebble beach, but it’s still lovely. In the summer, it’s lovely to go for a dip in the sea and swim about without a care in the world, visit the pier, and bask in the sun on the smooth stones. Living just a few minutes from the seafront is one of my favourite things about being in Brighton.

2. Independent shops

I love small and independent businesses, and Brighton is full of them. There is so much to fall in love with, with an array of shops to suit everybody peppered throughout the city. You can find big stores like Topshop and H&M anywhere, but finding one-off pieces for your home or wardrobe in a little independent shop is truly unbeatable.

3. The food

There are so many amazing restaurants and cafes here, and they cater to everybody. The amount of vegan found in particular is just overwhelming. I never thought I would be so spoilt for choice with cakes, donuts, and ice cream as a vegan, but I really am. The vegan choices here extend far beyond falafel and hummus, and there are so many delicious and unique dishes to try everywhere you look.

4. Lack of social pressure

Since I moved to Brighton, I’ve binned off bras, makeup (except for special occasions), and regular shaving. Because the thing is, nobody here cares. They don’t judge you for those things – everyone is just doing their own thing, and all social pressure just falls away. I no longer feel the need to cover up my unshaven legs, cake on the makeup, or wear an uncomfortable push-up bra every day. It’s liberating, and I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin.

5. The people

As a northerner, I typically found southern cities pretty hard to adjust to purely because southerners aren’t really ones for talking to strangers. But Brighton is different. Everyone is genuinely nice here. They talk to each other and help each other out. It’s like the north, but on the south coast.

6. It’s close to London

I’m not London’s biggest fan, but I can’t deny that it’s convenient to live nearby. An hour on the train gets me right to the centre of London, which is lovely for a day out, a gig in the evening, museum trips, or even shopping.

I can’t deny that Brighton isn’t the cheapest city to live in, but its pros far outweigh the cons, and I don’t think I’ll ever be bored of living here.

Any questions? Drop a comment below or send me a tweet if you want to know anything about moving to Brighton!

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