Stay Home Club Wishlist

I’ve had a lot of wishlists flying about lately, but I just couldn’t stop myself from making this one, and it is coming up to Christmas after all.

Stay Home Club make the adorable kind of bits and bobs that every introvert and cat lover needs. I have never looked at so many pieces of art and thought “I can relate” before. I want to be a part of this exclusive club (you actually receive a membership card with your purchase) and plaster my walls in their adorable prints.


Stay Home Club Print

The classic Stay Home Club logo print is the perfect place to begin. It’s simple, but so adorable, and would be the perfect addition to my little room. I surround myself with cats, too.


Way Too Late Iron-On Patch

I cannot even put into words how much I love this patch. The contrasting colours and connection of the sun and moon have got me absolutely swooning. This was made as part of a collaboration with Owen, based off the lyrics of the song A Bird in Hand. I want to iron one of these onto everything I own, including my own face. Too far?


Better Halves Lapel Pin Set

Forget friendship bracelets, I would much rather have these pins. Paige, if you’re reading this, will you be the Better to my Halves?


Collection Tote Bag

Tote bags are potentially the most handy things you could possibly own. This one has won my heart with adorable illustrations in my favourite colour, and it’s nice and roomy which makes it great for shopping trips.


Close to You Iron-On Patch

Another iron-on patch? Well, this one was a collaboration with The Paper Kites, a wonderful band, and it’s inspired by their lyrics. My heart is fluttering for this patch.


Night In Print

I can relate to this print a little too much. Eating pizza in my underwear, surrounded by cats, looking a little grumpy. Swap the wine for orange juice and you’ve got yourself a pretty accurate picture of me.

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