Attending Adult Ballet Class

I used to go to ballet lessons for a short while when I was around thirteen, but I didn’t last very long. Working for a dancewear company over the summer meant that I  spent a lot of time absorbed in the world of dance, and I was transfixed by the grace and elegance of the ballet dancers. I’m no graceful gazelle, but over the summer I decided that I wanted to give ballet a go again, so I hunted down some adult classes in Manchester.

I found some open adult ballet classes at KNT Danceworks in Manchester, and at only a fiver for an hour, I hopped on the bus after work one day and headed to the dance studio in my gym clothes.

I won’t lie to you, I was sort of expecting it to be patronising and dull. Thankfully, I was wrong. The dance teacher was friendly, clear, and made classes fun for everybody. The ages ranged from people who looked about my age to ladies in their seventies, and there were men of all ages there too. The class was inclusive of everyone of all abilities, and even I could keep up with some of the fancier footwork. I didn’t feel like a silly elephant at any point in the class, and I actually let go of all of my worries for an hour and just danced, laughing with a bunch of strangers at some of our poorer attempts, and filling each other with pride when we nailed the moves.

Ballet was actually more of a workout than I was anticipating. I came out of the studio out of breath and sweaty, shocked by the fast pace and hard work that went into some of the moves. The next day, my thighs and calves were aching, but it felt kind of good.

The whole thing was a really fun experience, and although I’m certainly not going to be a pro, it’s something that I would probably do again.

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