The Vitamin That Changed Me

I’m a lethargic person. My medication makes me permanently exhausted, and most of the time I have no energy at all. Naps have long been a regular part of my day, not because of boredom, but often because of necessity. Sometimes I’ve even had to have two naps.

On top of this, I’ve always eaten a lot. I could never stop eating, and my cravings for sweet things were regular and overwhelming. Willpower? Absolutely not. I’d just stuff my face with all the cakes and chocolate, and then fall asleep. Fascinating.

Last year, my mum read up somewhere that it’s really common for women to be lacking in vitamin B12, and it can essentially make you feel a little bit messed up inside. I can vouch for this, because since I’ve started taking a little vitamin B12 tablet every morning, things are very different.

My craving for sweet things is gone. I mean, completely gone. Chocolate is a no-go for me most of the time, and I can no longer eat the blueberry muffin I used to have every single day without fail. The thought of any kind of junk food no longer makes me drool. I feel like I’ve conquered a problem that I’ve had all my life. Actually, in general I find that I eat less. I have my three meals a day and I’m pretty much good to go, so I can abandon the snacks.

But that isn’t the only thing that’s changed. I’ve seen a spark in my energy, too. Admittedly, it isn’t much, because my medication makes me constantly fatigued, but I can deal with the day better now and I don’t feel the need to nap so much. I’m no longer falling asleep by 7pm, which is a bit of a win for me. I know, I’m such an old lady.

I don’t want to go all preachy about vitamins, and frankly you might not need them, but this made a huge difference to me pretty quickly. If you’re not feeling top-notch, it wouldn’t hurt to give them a try. You might be surprised.

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