My Terrible Addiction

Okay, maybe that title was a little dramatic, but I’ve got to come clean about something.

I am addicted to buying notebooks. During these difficult times where money is tight, I find myself craving the creamy paper of another blank book. And yet I have another hundred empty ones on my shelf, in my drawers, and stuffed into my bags.

I just can’t help myself. I see a pretty notebook, and I must have it. Even if I never use it, I just want to look at it. The beautiful soft covers are so enticing, and the look of the fresh, untouched pages are just waiting for me to ruin them with my scrawling handwriting.

Stationery shops, particularly Paperchase, are my biggest weakness. I run straight to the notebooks, I pick them up, I flip through the pages, and my heart bursts with joy. “You won’t use it, you don’t need it,” my conscience tells me. “You’re so poor, you can’t afford it,” my purse tells me. I know they are right, but my heart is so much more convincing. It’s like the little devil on my shoulder, whispering to me that everything will be okay if I just buy this notebook. And another tenner goes down the drain.

Recently, I’ve been able to control my addiction a little better. I avoid going into pretty stationery shops, and I try to stop myself from creeping onto the Waterstones website when I’m lying in bed, thinking about how I could just do with one more notebook…

For some people, it’s shoes, for others, it’s games. For me, a notebook addiction is crippling my life (and my bank account).

I know that this isn’t the worst addiction I could be tackling, but I just had to get it off my chest and admit to my problem, however small it may be. Perhaps there’s someone out there reading this who finds themselves relating to me. Maybe.

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