Calm Down Songs

When I’m feeling really anxious and panicky, I don’t often like music. Noises agitate me, and I find myself feeling worse, no matter how calming the song might be. But when I’m feeling just a bit on edge, music can help to soothe me before I get worse. So here are some of the songs that chill me out before I lose it.

The xx are one of the most chilled out bands I’ve ever come across, and one of my favourites. A few of their songs really comfort me, but this three hour long seamless edit keeps me calm for a long time, and I find it especially useful when I need to get work done because it doesn’t distract me from what I’ve got to do.

Nick Mulvery’s voice is so gentle and soothing, and the gentle acoustic guitar makes me feel safe and cosy. It’s such a nice, chilled, feel-good song, and I can’t get enough of it.

Of Monsters and Men are one of my favourite bands, and Dirty Paws just takes me away to a happy, mystical land where everything is calm. As soon as I hear the opening notes, I find myself instantly relaxing.

If you have any calm down songs, please let me know what they are!

One thought on “Calm Down Songs

  1. I like all 3 of your songs Olivia ❤️ I like them because you like them ❤️ I like them because I love you ❤️I like them because they help you when I’m not there to help you ❤️ Love mum ❤️


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