The Importance of the Pinky Promise

I know what you’re thinking: that title sounds so childish. How old am I again?

Let’s just be clear for a second – I am never going to stop using pinky promises. They may seem childish to some, but for me they are the highest possible symbol of trust that you can have with another human being. Pinky promises are simply unbreakable; one pinky wrapped around another symbolises so much more than childhood promises of friendship – it’s make or break.

I haven’t always taken the pinky promise so seriously. Two years ago, I met Qasim and Paige. This duo take the pinky promise more seriously than anyone else possibly could – it’s one of their greatest strengths, and why I will always have so much trust in them. Their honesty when it comes to the pinky promise inspired me, and now I use it as a guarantee of trust and secrecy. We are sworn together by entwining our little fingers, and its simplicity and innocence is something that continues to make me smile and bring me hope.

In a world where so much is uncertain, I can always rely on the pinky promise to give me some stability. As an anxious person, sometimes I find it difficult to believe that even the most simple of things are true. Somebody willing to offer me a pinky promise that everything is going to be okay, or that they love me, or that they are completely honest, is a saviour to me. It calms me instantly; this little symbol brings me so much comfort and peace, and helps me to trust in other people during times where I might otherwise have found it difficult.

But pinky promises work both ways. Offering someone else my own little finger will hopefully help them to put their trust in me, too. If I can be somebody else’s support system that they can trust undoubtedly, then of course I want to be there. There is no higher promise that I can make to them.

Forget crossing your heart, blood pacts, and spit shakes, the pinky promise is the only thing I can believe in.

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