Knitting a Planet

Last week, I embarked on a (very, very tiny) new knitting project. After spending what felt like forever looking online for some cute, easy patterns, I came across this adorable little thing and knew that it was the one – a combination of two of my favourite things: space and knitting! I swiftly set out on a hunt for some cute yarn, stuffing, and plastic toy eyes, and then I was ready.

I know that this may look very tiny and simple to some, but I haven’t been knitting for long, and I’ve never made anything more complex than a scarf. So when I looked at the pattern and saw all this lark about increasing and decreasing stitches, I knew exactly what I needed: my grandma.

I really do have to give most of the credit for this cute little guy to my grandma. She taught me all the basics, and she helped me get through the first part of my project with a tremendous amount of patience.

The actual pattern is really simple, but knitting on needles that were 2mm thick with sock yarn was pretty tricky. It’s tiny and tedious, and the knitting needles were really sharp so my fingers got stabbed a lot. But you know what? It was so worth it. Look at this little guy!


Everybody, this is Ralph. He was named by the wonderful Paige, who will soon be receiving a little knitted planet of her own!

Ralph didn’t take long to make at all, and all the stab wounds on my fingers were forgotten as soon as I completed that final stitch. He’s going to be my little mascot for uni this year, so I’ll be keeping him right on my desk where I can see him offering his silent support. I have my very own planet, and he’s rooting for me.

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